After the year 2012, I changed my sex and socially imposed gender through medical and legal processes. I identify as female (and prefer gendered references to be feminine (she, her, Miss ...)). Of course, my gender identity has always been female. Orientation-wise I am a lesbian. I am being a bit open ... because, I want to make the world a better place to live in for others. You can find more about my transition at my personal blog.

Some Clarifications: I follow this definition: From a scientific point of view, sex of a person can be seen as a long tuple of parameters corresponding to representations of hormonal data, clinical sex, brain sex, chromosomal sex and others. This needs more than seven clusters for classification (if at all possible) . Gender is a plural concept that may refer to gender identity, gender expression, social gender and corresponds to a set of socially constructed, assigned behaviors and identity patterns that may have little to do with the scientific concept of sex. The gender identity of a person is what the person says it is. For more on this you can see my write up on the topic. Do see this article by myself and Sayani for more on the topic.

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