Currently, I am a scientist at the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata.

My research interests include algebra, rough sets, partial algebra, algebraic logic, logic, Clustering, AIML, vagueness, mereology, education research and related areas.

I am a senior member of the International Rough Set Society.

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I will redesign and update this website soon!


My forthcoming book on "General Rough Sets for the Skeptical Education Researcher" (Springer) is nearly done. . I will update the details soon.

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Recently I co-edited and majorly contributed to a research volume on "Algebraic Methods in General Rough Sets" in the Springer Trends in Mathematics Series . It is listed here.

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Teaching, Books

I started teaching from a very young age and have over fifteen years of experience in teaching at different levels. These days I restrict myself to education research and some specialized teaching. I was till recently involved in course material design, preparation, question banks, Rough Sets, Algebra, Soft Computing, ML, Mathematics, Statistics and Logic.

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Software Consultancy

Software related specifications and code have been a part time concern of mine for long. GNU/R, soft, statistical and scientific computing are areas of my specialization. Other areas on which I have worked include formal specifications, Free software licenses and GNU/Linux.

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Free Software

I have been associated with the free software movement, FOSS and GNU/Linux for over a decade. I have always been active with related advocacy, teaching, development and documentation.

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My Transition Blog

My beautiful personal blog is at this location. Mostly it is about my transition, feminist issues and free software. I describe many aspects of my transition in this long article in particular. Basics of gender dysphoria are explained in this article.

Older Web Pages

I had maintained my earlier web page at logicamani.co.cc (it used to redirect here).

My Network

My Google mail id is adotrough manidotrough cms (replace dot with full stop, remove rough and no spaces ). I am in a few research related and Google+ communities. Needless to say, am additionally active in many academic mailing lists in Mathematics, logic, philosophy, Free Software and computer science. My research gate page is at this link . I am a Syster. I am not active on Facebook or Twitter. My facebook page is at this link. My twitter link is #logicamani .