Recent Research Papers

• Mani, A. Granular Pragmatic Approach to Generalizing Rough Inclusion Functions} Forthcoming, 2018, 24pp

• Mani, A. Towards Spatial Mereology of Dependence in General Rough Sets and Probability Theory Forthcoming, 2018, 72+

• Mani, A. Comparing Dependencies in Probability Theories and Rough Sets Forthcoming, 2018, 1--69+ Arxiv:1804.02322

• Mani, A. Algebraic Methods in Granular Rough Sets In A. Mani, I. Düntsch, and G. Cattaneo, editors, Algebraic Methods in General Rough Sets, Trends in Mathematics, pages 123-303 Springer International, 2018

• Mani, A. Algebraic Representation, Dualities and Beyond In A. Mani, I. Düntsch, and G. Cattaneo, editors, Algebraic Methods in General Rough Sets, Trends in Mathematics, pages 428-537 Springer International, 2018

• Mani, A. Comparing Dependencies in Probability Theories and Rough Sets Forthcoming, 2018, 1--69+ Arxiv:1804.02322

• Mani, A. Rationality in Hybrid Granular Rough Contexts Forthcoming, 2017, 1--24

• Mani, A. Generalized Ideals and Co-Granular Rough Sets, In IJCRS'2017, Ed L. Polkowski et. al, Part II, LNAI 10314, pp. 3–22, 2017, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-60840-2\_1, Springer International Preprint: Arxiv:1704.05477

• Mani, A. Approximations from Anywhere and General Rough Sets, In IJCRS'2017, Ed L. Polkowski et. al Part II, LNAI 10314, pp. 23–42, 2017. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-60840-2\_2, Springer International Preprint: Arxiv:1704.05443

• Mani, A. Dialectical Rough Sets, Parthood and Figures of Opposition-I, II International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, To Appear, 2018: 69pp

• Mani, A. Knowledge and Consequence in AC Semantics for General Rough Set, In Thriving Rough Sets--10th Anniversary--Honoring Professor Zdzislaw Pawlak's Life and Legacy and 35 years of Rough Sets, edited by G. Wang and A. Skowron and Y. Yao and D. Slezak and Lech Polkowski "Studies in Computational Intelligence" Series, Vol.708, Springer'2017. 237--268, doi = "10.1007/978-3-319-54966-8.

• Mani, A. Pure Rough Mereology and Counting, WIECON-ECE'2016:IEEE International WIE Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering Year: 2016, Pages: 5 - 8, DOI: 10.1109/WIECON-ECE.2016.8009074 Arxiv:1701.08301 2016:Preprint Download Link

• Mani, A. and Rebeka Mukherjee A Study of FOSS'2013 Survey Data Using Clustering Techniques, IEEE International WIE Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (WIECON-ECE) Year: 2016, Pages: 118 - 121, DOI: 10.1109/WIECON-ECE.2016.8009099 Arxiv:1701.08302: Preprint Download Link

• Mani, A. On Deductive Systems of AC Semantics for Rough Sets, Arxiv:1610.02634 2016: 12pp Download Link

• Mani, A. Combinatorial Aspects of Distribution of Rough Objects, Forthcoming 2017: 23pp

• Mani, A. Algebraic Semantics of Proto-Transitive Rough Sets, Transactions on Rough Sets XX, LNCS 10020, Springer'2016 51--108

• Mani, A. Generative Rough Dreamy-Fuzzy Dialectics, Forthcoming 2015-16: 36pp

• Mani, A. Probabilities, Dependence and Rough Membership Functions, Special Issue on Computational Intelligence and Communications,International Journal of Computers and Applications, Vol. 39, No.1, 2016, 17--39: Link .

• Mani, A. Dreamy Fuzzy Sets-1, \indent Preprint June'2015: 8pp.\\ Researchgate Link

• Mani, A. Types of Probabilities Associated with Rough Membership Functions, IEEEXplore, ICRICN'2015, 175--180. Doi. 10.1109/ICRCICN.2015.7434231

• Mani, A. Antichain Based Semantics for Rough Sets in RSKT 2015, D. Ciucci, G. Wang, S. Mitra, and W. Wu, Eds. Springer-Verlag, 2015, 319--330.

• Mani, A. Probabilistic vs Rough Dependence Asian Logic Conference'2015: 5--8 Jan'2015, IIT,Bombay (ASL Conference)

• Mani, A. Research Monograph:"Algebraic Semantics of Proto-Transitive Rough Sets" First Edition July'2014 90pp Download: arXiv:1410.0572

• Mani, A. " Approximation of General Rough Semantics" Submitted'2014 14pp

• Mani, A. " Ontology, Rough Y-Systems and Dependence"(Long Version) Special Issue on Computational Intelligence: International Journal of Computer Science & Applications. 10/2014; 11(2):114--136. Web Link

• Mani, A. " Ontology, Rough Y-Systems and Dependence" ICCI' 2014, Accepted 20pp (Keynote Talk)

• Mani, A. " Approximation Dialectics of Proto-Transitive Rough Sets" In Facets of Uncertainties and Applications'2013}, M. K. Chakraborty et. al. (Eds) Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics 125, Springer Verlag, 1--11.

• Mani, A. " L-Computing over Rough Y-Systems" Submitted' 2013 20pp

• Mani, A. " Contamination-Free Measures and Algebraic Operations" Proceedings of FUZZIEEE'2013,Hyderabad Edited by N.Pal et. al. 16pp

• Mani, A. "Granular Approach to Generalized Transitive Rough Sets" Forthcoming, 78pp.

• Mani, A. "Modified Rough Measures in the Light of Contamination" Forthcoming, 24pp.

• Mani, A. "Dialectics of Knowledge Representation in a Granular Rough Set Theory" ICLA'2013,IMsc Chennai 15pp. Download

• Mani, A. "Axiomatic Approach to Granular Correspondences" In Proceedings of RSKT'2012, edited by Li, T et. al, LNAI 7414, 2012, 482--487, Springer-Verlag.

• Mani, A. "An Axiomatic Theory of Granules for all Types of Rough Set Theory and Meta-Applications" Forthcoming '2010-11, 59pp

• Mani, A. "Dialectics of Counting and Mathematics of Vagueness" Transactions on Rough Sets Vol XV, LNCS 7255,'2012, 122--180 Download Link.

• Mani, A. "Towards Logics of Some Rough Perspectives of Knowledge" In Series: Intelligent Systems Reference Library dedicated to the memory of Prof. Pawlak, (ed. Suraj, Z and Skowron, A.) IRL 43, 2013, 419--444

• Mani, A. "More Semantics of Some Rough Perspectives Of Knowledge" In Proc of FRUAA'2011, NIT Durgapur'2011, 6pp

• Mani, A. "Choice Inclusive General Rough Semantics" Information Sciences181(6), Vol 181, 1097--1115, '2011

• Mani, A. "Dialectics of Counting and Measures of Rough Set Theory" In IEEE Proc. of NCESCT'2011, Pune, Feb-1-3, Arxiv:1102.2558, 17pp, 2011

• Mani, A. "Towards an Algebraic Approach for Cover Based Rough Semantics and Combinations of Approximation Spaces" In Proc. RSFDGrC' 2009, LNAI 5908,(ed. Sakai, H. et. al) pp.~77--84, Springer,2009

• Mani, A. "Integrated Dialectical Semantics for Relativised Rough Set Theory"
Internat. Conf. on Rough Sets, Fuzzy Sets and Soft Computing, Tripura University, Agartala, India Arxiv, '2009

• Mani, A. "Algebraic Semantics of Similarity Based Bitten Rough Set Theory"
Fundamenta Informaticae 97 (1-2) 2009,177--197.

• Mani, A. "A program in dialectical rough set theory"
Preprint Arxiv, '2009

• Mani, A. "Semiset, Alternative Set and Rough Set Theories"
Preprint '2010, 36pp

• Mani, A. "Meaning, Choice and Algebraic Semantics of Similarity Based Rough Set Theory"
Internat. Conf. Logic and Applications, Chennai, 2009;, 12pp

• Mani, A. "Esoteric Rough Set Theory: Algebraic Semantics of a Generalized VPRS and VPRFS"
Transactions in Rough Sets Vol-VIII,LNCS 5084, 2008, 175--223

• Mani, A. "Di-Algebraic Semantics of Logics"
Fundamenta Informaticae 70, (4) 2006, 333--350

• Mani, A. "Super Rough Semantics"
Fundamenta Informaticae 65, 2005, 1--13

• Mani, A. "Rough Equalities on Posets and Rough Difference Orders"
Fund. Informat. 53 (3,4) 2002, 321--333

• Mani, A. "Representation of TQBA and Variants"
Preprint, 2004

• Mani, A. "V-Perspectives, Pseudo-Natural Number Systems and Partial Orders"
Glasnik Math Vol.37 (57) 2002, 245-257

• Mani, A. "Constrained Abstract Representation Problems in Semigroups and Partial Groupoids" Glasnik Math. 39 (59) 2004, 245--255

• Mani, A. "Dialectically Presentable Logics" Preprint, '2006, '2007

• Mani, A. "Concrete Representation Theorems for Generalized Closure Operators"
Under Revision

• Mani, A. "A Partial-Algebraic Logic of TQBAs"
To be Submitted, 2007

• Mani, A. "Algebraic Semantics of Rough Difference Orders"
Internat. Symposium on Mathematics at the Cal.Math.Soc. Dec`20-22, 2002

• Mani, A. "Abstract Representation for Partial Difference Lattices"
Internat. Seminar on Mathematics and its appl at the Cal. Math. Soc.`2001

• Mani, A. "Partial Stems, Retracts, Structure Theorems and Refinement Classes of CL-algebras"
, Int. Sem. on Math and its Applic. at the Cal. Math. Soc.`Dec.2003

• Mani, A. "A Dialectical Partial Algebraic Approach to Non-Monotone Logics"
Seminar on Trends in Mathematics, organized by the Univ of Calcutta `Feb 20-21`2002

• Mani, A. "On the Notions, the Philosophies and the Truths of Dialectical Logics"
Summer School and Seminar on Logic and Cognition organized by the CLC, CU and the Univ. of Jadavpur, Calcutta `Jun'1999

Others (Recent):

• Mani, A. "Dialectically Presentable Logics"
Preprint'2006-07, 50pp

• Mani, A. "Common Misinterpretations of Godel's Theorems"

• Mani, A. "On Artin L-Functions"

• Mani, A. "Dialectics of Algebraic Logic"
Preprint. Seminar on Logic and Semantics organized by the Calcutta Logic Circle at J.U. Oct' 2005

• Mani, A. "Model-theoretic Approach to Generalized Inverses in Semigroups"

• Mani, A. "Problems Arising at the Underlying Language of a Given Formal Logic"
Preprint. Seminar on Logic and Computing organized by the Calcutta Logic Circle at C.U. 2001

• Mani, A. "Dialectical Connectionist Models"
Under Revision, Preprint'2001

• Mani, A. "Subset F-Distinct Partial Algebras"

• Mani, A. "Possible Course Designs for Universal Algebra for Logic"
Preprint, revised 2005

• Mani, A. "Special Courses for Interdisciplinary Interaction at the Research Level" N Bull.Cal.Math.Soc 23 (3,4) 2000, 17--20