I am basically a researcher in pure mathematics and logic. My research interests include algebra, partial algebra, algebraic logic, rough sets and related areas.

Currently I am affiliated with Calcutta University in Kolkata, India.

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Teaching, Books

I have over fifteen years of experience in teaching at different levels. These days I restrict myself to course material design, question banks and some online teaching in Mathematics, Statistics and Logic.

I am publishing a question bank for logical reasoning and reasoning with data portions of GAMSAT and related examinations and a book on testing logical aptitude.

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Software Consultancy

Software related specifications and code have been a part time concern for long. GNU/R, soft, statistical and scientific computing are areas of my specialisation. Other areas on which I have worked include formal specifications, Free software licenses and GNU/Linux.

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Free Software

I have been associated with the free software movement, FOSS and GNU/Linux for over a decade. I have always been active with related advocacy, teaching, development and documentation.

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Older Web Pages

I had maintained my earlier web page at logicamani.co.cc (it used to redirect here). I also have an academic blog that I hope to add content to in some future.

My Network

My Google mail id is adotrough manidotrough cms (replace dot with full stop, remove rough and no spaces ). Though I have a few accounts in social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedn, I do not use them. I am in a few research related and Google+ communities. Needless to say, am also active in many academic mailing lists in Mathematics, logic, philosophy, Free Software and computer science. My personal blog is at this location.